Our Approach
Creative Youth Leadership
Teacher and Staff Training

Our Approach

When it comes to programming, our philosophy is simple:

Make it engaging. Involve the learner!

Research shows that the majority of people learn best when they are active (kinesthetic learning).

Therefore, rather than rely on traditional lectures and training manuals, we utilize an experiential(on your feet, not in your seat) approach that allows participants to learn and immediately practice their newly acquired skills.

Participants take an active role in their learning, and see tangible evidence of success, demonstrating a higher commitment to taking what they have learned and applying it to their lives.

So whether we are focusing on presentation skills, listening skills, problem-solving skills, or leadership skills, we use a variety of teaching methods that draw from the domains of:

Creative Problem Solving


Adventure Based Training

Accelerated Learning

"The activities are amazing. They enabled me to find leadership strengths I didnít even know I had."

Eric, age 16

"The program just flew by. The activities were wonderful and I learned a ton."

Rachel, age 15

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