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David Bauer, M.S.

David Bauer, M.S., is a teacher at Alden High School specializing in environmental science. He has been chairperson for the Erie I BOCES project that developed a model for reacting to an environmental crisis; helped to develop the Gifted and Talented program and Team Teaching in the middle school; organized the Education Festival for the district and has served as district Wellness Coordinator. David specializes in Mastery Learning, Cooperative Learning and Learning Style theory. He serves as the district Creative Youth Leadership program coordinator. Awards include the Toyota Tapestry Environmental Grant Award; New York State Gas and Electric Energy Grant Award; Erie County Buffalo River Watershed Award and the Erie County Pollution Prevention Award. Dave has designed the EarthLinks workshop that trains participants in application of creative problem solving in the design of environmental service projects. A recent article on creativity and environmental projects was published in Green Teacher magazine. At the summer Creative Youth Leadership camp, Dave serves as a yoga instructor and facilitator for workshops.

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