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James Landry

James Landry's fascination with Aikido began in 1986 when he was introduced to Aikido as movement art. Its application as a method of non-violent conflict resolution became immediately clear. Applying the philosophy behind Aikido movement to daily life and to his work with the public sector became a driving force in his life. The lessons he has learned both on and off the mat are now being taught to students, teachers, social workers, and corporate managers.

While living in Spokane Washington, James assisted in the development of "Creating Peace", a program sponsored by The Prevention Center to give school children tools for conflict management. He also worked with the staff of a homeless shelter, providing training in conflict management, security, and situational awareness in addition to applying these techniques while working with the clientele.

Inside the Dojo he is known as Sensei James as he instructs growing-ups 5 to 65 years old in the art of Aikido. Outside the Dojo James is the Director of Dynamic Educators Network Inc., a non-profit corporation that develops and administers experiential programs dedicated to promoting the values of non-violent conflict management, leadership, communication, and cooperation to our youth. As a black belt with national certification James brings the cooperative, non-violent, constructive nature of Aikido to the world outside of the Dojo.

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