Our Approach
Creative Youth Leadership
Teacher and Staff Training

Teacher and staff in-service and trainings

“Learning is creation, not consumption.”

– Dave Meir,
Founder, Center for Accelerated Learning

For the last 10 years, teachers who have been family group leaders at our youth programs have been telling us that the skills and activities they learn through our programs are invaluable back in the classroom.

So it got us thinking, what if we offered training to teachers and educators who aren’t able to participate directly in our youth programs?

We now offer programs from 90 minutes to 2 days for teachers on the following topics:

Creating an experiential learning classroom

Building facilitation skills in your students

Enhancing learning through better debriefing

Empowering youth through the use of creative thinking tools and
techniques for the classroom

Integrating accelerated learning principles into all your lesson plans

Communication activities for the classroom

Teachers and staff walk out with practical strategies that they can implement immediately,

We guarantee that our training programs will not only be high-energy, but also impactful!

For more information, contact us!

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