"I think this leadership program was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I have learned so much from so many different people!" - Stacey

What people are saying

""I have been involved in public and private education since 1968. The Healthy Lifestyles Leadership Camp (Creative Youth Leadership Program) is the most powerful educational experience I have ever witnessed, from the perspective of both student and facilitator. It provided truly life-changing opportunities for both.

One of the most compelling aspects of the camp was the culture of trust it created. One student called it "magic." Other students realized it was the combination of many factors: the leadership, the many trust-building activities, and the unique and healthy diet that was offered.

Students entered the first experience of the camp with great trepidation. At the end of the week, they were eager to try new activities to further expand their "growing edges."

Perhaps the most powerful testimony to student involvement was what they did when they returned to school following the camp. They had a strong desire to make their schools and communities safer and more trusting. They became skilled leaders in a very short time.

I was able to see the power of the camp in two different educational settings: one rural and the other suburban. The positive outcomes were the same, regardless of student origin.

I have heard from many alumni since our first camp fifteen years ago. To a person, they talk positively about how their lives changed and how the skills they learned then still apply in their adulthood."

Dr. Paul Fields, Former Superintendent
Grand Island New York
Director, Educational Leadership Program
Canisius College

"What I learned was that our youth have the potential to lead our world into new heights, not later, but NOW! With a safe environment and the right tools, amazing positive energy can be released. These growing ups give and give to each other and walk out of this program energized and armed with the tools to change the world."

James Landry, Director, Dynamic Educators Network

"What’s so special about this program is that it’s a safe, warm, loving place to grow, to get in touch with who you are and think about how you can make the world more like this program, It is a change to be exposed to countless new ideas. It expands your world and your mind. There is also the time to learn leadership and communication skills and to practice them,. Some other things are a healthy diet, different forms of exercise , forming a community of people from diverse backgrounds. It changes lives!"

Jean Campbell, Religion Teacher, Mt. Mercy Academy

"What I learned from this leadership program was how to grow as a person. I learned how to open up better to others and not be afraid of being myself. I learned how to focus and became a better thinker. I learned how to be a better listener as well."

Julianna, Student

"This week was the best week I have had in a long time. It was fun to get out in a new environment and meet new people. It was worth missing OZZFEST. I loved IT!!!"

JClinton, Letchwerth High School

"Wow the power of voice canít even justify 'the magic' that happened here. As an individual you are placed in an environment that is full of love and compassion. Society often pasters into our heads that the world will turn on you and to only love yourself. How wrong that theory is, I was blessed with the opportunity to be placed with nine amazing individuals who not only befriended me, but loved me. To be able as an adolescent to let down oneís guard is an extremely difficult task. However, the support, compassion, understanding and just plain love that illuminated off my family group allowed me to express some emotional difficult situations. Thank you."

Amanda, Alden High School Student

"This has been a truly amazing experience. I feel so lucky to be here and I know that the skills I have learned here will be put forth into use in my life from this day forward.

I learned how to make friends more easily

I learned divergent and convergent thinking and how to use the cost and benefits chart

I learned that people should not be judged at first glance and everyone deserves to get to know someone."

Amy, Student

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